How do I book ONLO for my wedding, event or photo shoot?

Start by filling out the form found on the contact us page. We can let you know the availability of the team members and fill you in on how the process works. Booking with ONLO is easy and relaxing, just like the services you will receive.

Are ONLO artists licensed?

Yes. Most artists are cosmetologists (licensed to provide services for hair, skin and nails). Those who are not cosmetologists are licensed estheticians (only providing makeup/skin services). Having licensed pros on our team means that we have invested in ourselves and abide by the state board regulated sanitation rules and give you services that are not just beautiful, but keep everyone healthy and happy. Our Massage Therapists are also licensed professionals.

Can I read some reviews?

Don't mind if you do. Here, here, here and here you go.

Why is pricing the same for both brides and bridal party members?

We believe that this whole process should be easy, make sense to everyone, and efficient. Do you really want to waste time figuring out who might want lashes (Just to have them change their mind)? Brides are likely to have their trials, too- so technically they are investing more in the process, but we definitely don't believe in price gouging. Just because it's your wedding day doesn't mean you have to spend a ton more on beauty services. When you get the invoice and it's easy to understand and gather monies from your crew, you'll appreciate how uncomplicated things are.

Do you do airbrush and traditional makeup applications?

Yes. All of the photos on this site and through our social media are traditonal application though, as it is the preferred choice of most artists with us. We understand that each client has different and personal prefrences, though and are happy to provide airbrush foundation application if you would like. Not all artists practice airbrush application regularly, so if you would like it we will need to know in order to match you with the artist that fits your needs perfectly. There is no additonal cost to get airbrush application. We do ask that you understand that airbrush application differs only in the way the foundation is put on the skin- via air tools compared to brush or other applicator tools. All of our makeup is smudge proof and good for longwear no matter the temperature, season or circumstance.

Where do you have a trial?

Trials are held at our cute and cozy studio in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. We can also accommodate on location trials if absolutely necessary. When brides are unable to book a trial due to particular circumstances (out of state, close timing, elopement, etc), we have a whole process to ensure we are on the same page and will be able to provide the perfect look for you and keep the prep time that morning relaxing and stress-free.

When do you suggest a trial occurs? 

Trials should ideally occur within the 6 months leading up to your big day. This means that there is no specific answer as each bride and situation is different. We suggest 6 months because that is typically when the details are really getting pinned down and decided. Typically if you have your dress and most of your plans are set in stone that make your look come to life, we can plan a trial whenever you are ready for it. Trials usually take about 2-2.5 hours for both hair and makeup, so make sure you schedule it for a day that you can relax and enjoy the process fully!

Do you work on all types of hair and skin?

YES! We are a very professional and experienced group of artists. We can literally handle any type of skin or hair, no matter the texture, color, undertone, or density. Real life experience and continued education also gives us an edge on tackling trending styles and looks, making us fully prepared for anything.

How much time do you need on a wedding day to get a whole party ready?

Not only do we provide you and your group with stellar hair and makeup, but we also provide a process that is tried and true and stress free to boot. Included in your services is a configured timeline. This timeline serves as a wonderful tool in ensuring the time we spend together is efficient and relaxing. When you provide us with a confirmed number of those needing services, we return the timeline to you for your approval. This happens within the month prior to your wedding or event so that you can plan accordingly with the rest of your vendors and bridal party. Generally speaking, each service needs 30-40 minutes so about 1.25 hour for both hair and makeup (The bride receives approx. 1.5 hours). This is often split between hair and makeup artists, so that is another reason why the timeline helps to create transparency. 

The simple equation we use for giving guesstimates for timing is 1.25 hours per person for both hair and makeup split by the number of artists on site... so for an example when using a group of 12; 15 hours for 12 people split by 3 artists is 5 hours altogether. Generally speaking that would be the least amount of time needed. 3 artists is normal for a group of 11 or more, 2 artists for 10 or less, 1 artist (with possible assistant) for 4-5 people. We also need 15 minutes upon arrival to set up and some time at the end for touch ups and lip color applications. This is just an example! But hopefully we can give you a feel for figuring out logistics. If you need more info, you might need a planner to help out. We do our best to accommodate and create the timeline but any more planning is out of our wheelhouse.

When do you need to know my final headcount for services?

We ask for totals twice. The first time is when you contract, that is when you put the most accurate number possible, even if it is a min-max number. The second time is when you are asked for confirmed service totals. This occurs when we create the timeline approx. 6 weeks before the wedding. After confirming, we ask there are no changes to the number of services (per contract aggreement) as we have set artists aside to fufill needs appropriately.

When are there additional fees?

After 30 miles need to be traveled from our Philadelphia location, the cost is .50 per mile each way per stylist. (Travel over 3 hours is priced differently and is a custom quote). When getting ready at a hotel that requires paid parking, Valet is asked to be covered for ease of getting there on time and set up without worry. When there are more than 3 total stylists needed for a large group or short time constraint, there is an add-on stylist fee of $100.

What brand of products do you use?

ONLO artists use a multitude of hair and makeup products. Each artist has their favorites and can tell you more about them. We believe that products are tools and tools are super important to our craft BUT we don't depend on anything in particular as our skill set is the place where good artistry begins. We can work with any type of product. Our kits are filled with high quality, professional grade products that we can fully depend on no matter the look our client wants. It is most important for us to fully know our products and their capabilities versus owning every single new product that comes to market.

What kind of payments to you take and What does the typical payment schedule look like? Are tips included?

Cash, Check (made payable to ONLO), Venmo (@diana-duhaime), or Credit Card via square.

Payments are all invoiced throught and quickbooks, but can be paid in any way noted above. You will receive invoices for: Confirming your trial appointment (the cost of your trial: due at the time of booking), Deposit along with contract (the cost of your personal wedding day services total: due 48 hours after receiving), and then a final invoice that comes along with your timeline (remaining costs for services minus your deposit: The final payment is due 10 days prior to your wedding date). Tips are not included in any costs, as gratuity is welcomed and appreciated but not expected. You can add tips to your invoice easily.

Is the work on your website and social media all yours?

Yes. We work diligently and often to keep our work updated with high resolution, professional photos so you can see what we have to offer and know you will be getting the best services around. be sure follow on Instagram if you aren’t already!

Where can I find features and press about ONLO?

Right Here! There is always something new coming from us!

What can I do to prepare for my bridal trial and wedding day?

Prior to your trial, please let us know if you have any desire to hire a personal trainer, massage therapist or esthetician (to provide facials) for regular visits. We are able to provide you with amazing services that help get you ready from the inside out. 
Collecting photos that inspire your wedding day style is key. At a trial, we also like to look at photos of your dress or any other details you may have. You'll be asked to send us your pinterest board before the trial- its the perfect way to get on the same page. Bring along to the trial any hair accessories or your veil if you have them already. On the day of the trial as well as the wedding day we ask that faces are clean and makeup free and hair is washed the day prior for best styling.

I live out of the state/country and want to book ONLO, can you help me?

YES! If this means you will be coming to the surrounding area for your wedding day or editorial shoot, we can certainly help. Wedding planning is a lot of work- we can assist and take the guessing out of the hair and makeup services part of it. We have successfully helped brides and clients from all over the globe. Communication is key. If this means that you need ONLO to travel out of Philadelphia to wherever you are, we can help with that, too. We have traveled near and far to brides and can’t wait to hear about your travel plans and adventure. Check out our Instagram feed and our work to see photos from our travels to different states and countries, most recently including Iceland. #onlowhereyouare

There is not much you need to do but some things that are appreciated greatly include:
- Going over the literature we send you, ask questions if you are unclear of the process.
- Understanding our time together is precious and being respectful of the scheduled time we have together both at the trial and during the event/wedding day. This includes coming to your appointment on time (not too early, not too late), being prepared with photos per our guide and most importantly allowing the appointed time we have together on your wedding be specifically for working on beauty with us (what we mean is no surprise gifts from bridesmaids at that time that make you cry and have us stop what we are doing, etc.). We really want to make sure you get the best services and feel amazing, and we can only guarantee that if we spend the time planned for focused on your services.
- paying your invoice to confirm your appointments/contract within 72 hours of the link being sent your way. This ensures our process stays fluid and easy as well as fair to all those wanting/looking for services.
- Make sure the place we are getting you and your group ready has at the least one larger table, outlets and natural light.
- Share our wedding day guide with others getting services, so they know what to expect and how to prepare as well.

What does ONLO need from me through the process?

We believe in cruelty free practice of course, but we cannot guarantee that every product in our kit (we have thousands of products) has leaping bunny certifications (one of the few regulated certs that is actually true). The U.S. sadly has numerous loop holes and the designations/logos that are used on products or the regulations behind the products change behind close doors ($) to confuse consumers. Hair products and tools often carry no association with cruelty-free regulations so it is often unknown to the consumer if they would be labeled as so. Overall, our stance is this: Our main objective here in this moment with our client is to be professional hair and makeup artists providing extremely high quality services that are long lasting, comfortable, and beautiful. We hope that you can understand we are deeply involved in education and product knowledge and feel that in order for complete clarity of the services we have been paid for, we have determined our place with our client is to focus on the experience with us rather than specifically the products used. 

Do you use cruelty-free products?

Can't find the answer here? No problem. Email us at hello@onlobeauty.