Start to Finish: Hiring hair and makeup artists for your wedding day

A cohesive look, an easy morning, long lasting products and enjoyable and trustworthy personalities- no, it's not too much to ask. 

Choosing and hiring your hair and makeup artists for a day that is ultra special, expensive and super important shouldn't be painful or confusing. Here is a general breakdown of how we make it an enjoyable process, start to finish:

  • Inquiry is easy- go through the CONTACT US page and fill in your deets. Examples of things that are good to tell us:
    • Any timing that you know of (time of ceremony, time you'll need to be ready for)
    • Where you'll be getting ready 
    • Number of services you are probably going to need- low or high number, its important.
    • Other vendors you have lined up (we have tight relationships with a bunch, and it also helps us understand your overall vibe)
    • Things that are important to you that we can keep in mind like lip color choices, makeup style, cues for your overall style.
  • Within 24-48 hours, you'll receive a reply and we'll let you know if we are available for your wedding (same goes for special event, photo shoot, whatever you need beauty services for).

  • Behind the scenes, we check to see who is available, who matches well with you and your group, and if we can for sure provide the service numbers and logistics you mentioned with ease. We'll send you questions if we have them.

  • We'll send you 3 informative packets in pdf style, easy to forward to your group:

    • Hair and Makeup Pricing

    • Inquiry information going over our process in detail

    • Wellness pricing

  • We open our books for trials within 5-6 months before your wedding date. This means that you are welcome to get a trial in that timeframe. Booking can happen anytime, as long as our books are open for it (we open in half year segments).

    • But why then??? We've been in the wedding industry for a while and really know what our clients need and want. In order to provide a bridal trial that fulfills the needs of the client and artist, that time frame is the best possible time to get together. Why? Because chances are all of your important details have been nailed down- your dress, your group size, your location of getting ready, timing for the most part, and most importantly what you envision your look being like so you can have open communication to your artist about your hopes and desires.

    • What if you want to book? You can book anytime your heart hopes to. The trial timeframe is something we stick to because we know it works the best. 

    • If you want to trial before you book, the trial timeframe stays the same- just know you will not be guaranteed our availability for your date unless a contract has been signed and deposit sent (the deposit is the cost of your personal wedding day services and is credited on your final invoice)

  • After you have your bridal trial, we will send you an contract to be signed within 48 hours if you are not already booked. Your date is opened again to others hoping to book if we don't get those items returned within that time frame (its only fair).

Also after your trial, we touch base about your thoughts, feelings and any changes we can note to your folder. Your artist will be informed of whatever feedback we get from you so they can remain on the same page throughout the process.

  • Once you are booked, had your trial, and have been working your butt off to create the best day ever, we will touch base around 8 or so weeks out from the wedding date to confirm details and services. Things we ask you to confirm: When will you need to be completely ready by?, Who is getting services and what services are they confirming to receive? , Where are you getting ready, exact address?, Best contact number for the morning? for example.

  • After you confirm those details we draft a well thought out timeline (we really work hard on these- they are quite a brain teaser for larger groups, time constraints, just details in general). Every timeline includes:

    • 30-45 minutes per service (a bit longer for the bride)

    • necessary artists to complete the group in a timely manner

    • all day of information to ensure the artists have no problem finding you and your group

    • detailed timeslots/appointments to keep things on track and easy to manage

  • We send you the timeline along with an invoice for the services that have been confirmed. We deduct your deposit paid. The invoice is due 10 days prior to your wedding. The bride is responsible to pay the invoice in full- so have all of your ladies send you their payments, gift them a service, whatever you wish- the final payment is one lump sum on our end. You can pay directly via the link we send (we use square), or through venmo, check, cash, etc. We send you a receipt no matter what. 

We also send you a little informative sheet that you can share with your group that explains th best way to prepare for our time together on the wedding day. Things like photos to have along, plans for lip color to touch up with, etc.

  • We touch base your wedding week to confirm everything one last time and to share the artist contact via email for ease of use as needed on the day of. 
  • We show up on your wedding day, ready to get the group glam and feeling beautiful. We will have everything you and the group will need beauty-wise. All we need from you is outlets, a table and some natural light. It's a fun, low key, stress-free as possible time together and we love it as much as you.

Hope this helps you to better understand what to expect- one thing we know even after doing hundreds of weddings- is that YOUR day matter most to you, therefore you will be treated so. We do our best to ensure our clients feel the most beautiful they ever have and can rest assured their hair and makeup completes their look and day perfectly. 

Looking forward to working with you!

xo, D

If you already had time with us, please leave us some love and let others know about your experience! 

Photography / With Love and Embers 

Photography / With Love and Embers