We are ONLO.

Story Tellers & Co. Photography 

Story Tellers & Co. Photography 

Here we are. Shiny and / brand / new. 

ONLO is what I've felt like this business was for the last two years,  Yet it was masked by a name that was picked and used for simplicity and convenience sake. I'm not hating on Occasions by Diana- not one bit. How could I possibly do that? It allowed me to blossom and grow, it gave me a leg to stand on and a place to call my own. But the time has come- to recognize all that growth and rename it something that feels more appropriate and perfectly fitting.

So what is it then? ONLO is on location Hair and Makeup Artistry the way Philadelphia and the world deserves it. Clean, thorough, well thought out. It serves purpose and leaves a job well done. Never before has Philadelphia had a beauty agency that helps to foster the talent that seems often overlooked in a city that flourishes and thrives in the wake of art and creating. I hate that sports teams and cheesesteaks are mainly what people think about when it comes to Philly. There is so much more to this city. There is so much creativity and entrepreneurial spirit here. I often struggle to understand why businesses think that NYC is the only place to find talent. Let's rally Philadelphia hair and makeup artists! Let's show them what we've got. I created ONLO so that there was a better platform for those in need of professional hair and makeup services to find them. I want brides to receive services that are thought to be saved only for the rich and famous (YOU deserve gorgeous, timeless, beautiful hair and makeup brides-to-be!! It's SUCH a special day!). I want local artists to be available for editorial and commercial jobs. They are ready and educated and willing to provide top notch work. It's truthfully all the things I was doing under Occasions by Diana, but now I can really get down and dirty with it. Now I can expand and truly give every single client who inquires the ability to know exactly what they are going to get is nothing less than what they want and deserve... plus some.  

 What is different? The differences will be through refinement. Easier bookings, clearer information, better transparency and understanding of your service providers, more payment options.
We will still serve hundreds of bridal clients each year. We will still have amazing trials with our brides, and ensure they get the perfect look for their perfect day. We will still have teams of stylists available to help with any bridal party size. We will still glam up boudoir and portrait clients. We will still travel on location- from the tri-state area to around the world if you need us to. We will do all the things you need us to do beauty-wise, including taking care of your hair and skin as well as offering on location massages. Need beauty lessons, a makeup bag overhaul or an updo for a night out? We have got you covered. We will be available for Editorial jobs that require seasoned professionals. We will perform and exceed expectations. We will always do our best to take care of every beauty need out there. 

I am SO excited to offer this brand to my clients -new and old. I want everyone to know how much this business means to me, and I now truly feel like I can finally allow you to see it in the light that it deserves.

Thanks so much for your support and desire to share in the happiness of a healthy, growing business! What are your thoughts on the new brand name and look? I'd love to hear!

XO, Diana