ONLO Education // Inside Style Workshop with Trousseau Style

March 8th / 10-1 / Philadelphia --- Must know tips and tricks straight from beauty + style pros
Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Brittani Elizabeth Photography

While or after working with a client we often get asked about beauty lessons or one-on-one classes. Even though I’ve offered these types of hands-on courses for a while now, ideas and thoughts for a different direction was brought to life as I started working closer with Lauren Hartman of Trousseau Style…Inside Style Workshop was born. 

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As I made the switch from Occasions by Diana to ONLO, I was totally struck by the feeling of making sure my personal appearence correlates with the changes I was so proud of. This new brand made me think so much about who I was as a person, a professional, and as a creative. Dressing the part of something that was so meaningful to me actually came to light many times throughout the process. Who did I want to be after this was done? I needed to match my feelings of joy and collective soul searching with my brand. I kept thinking to myself :

*What changes in my look should I make so that people see my brand through every step of the way?

*What should we wear while working on jobs that is cohesive yet allows us to be who we are- because that is important?

*If I do all this work rebranding wouldn't it make sense to make sure my fashion and apparel meets the same standard I am putting on such a large part of my life?

While my personal example isn't everybody's, it really made me think about how much our appearance makes us feel complete. It made me think that I can’t be the only one needing to revitalize my wardrobe so that I feel like my look reflects where I am in my life right now. This has to be important to so many other people! 
Lauren couldn't agree more. She said this was one of the top reasons behind her personal styling clients. They needed their new identity to feel good now, and look good later, too. And believe me, Hair and makeup is most definitely a part of this whole thing. 

A few months ago I stopped getting my brows done- I was an avid threading/waxing client and for years and I decided to just quit cold turkey. Something urged me to just give them a break- let them grow in and allow myself to start from scratch with the whole thing. I was hoping for some fuller brows that can be groomed or changed depending on how I felt. I think I’m finally there. It took a while- and it wasn't always cute. But I learned to see my face with what my natural brow looks like- and I’m actually digging it. They are definitely fuller and bolder and let me tell you- WAY less maintenance. I might continue I might not- I just know now I'm not afraid to try something different.
It’s not that you have to go do something drastic like let your brows grow for months, but sometimes its simple things to change or start your routine that encourages a step in a different and/or good direction. Other times its just nice to realize what you have going on fits you well and you should be more open to changing something up here and there to fulfill a need to be more “yourself” and refreshed. 

This workshop is geared toward helping people gain some perspective. With all the Instagram videos of girls painting their faces with what seems like 10000 products, and perfectly photoshopped and sponsored outfits, Its super worthwhile to get back to basics and feel refreshed and grounded with some actual, unbiased, good natured knowledge.

Some things we plan to go over: 

  • Tips and Tricks for a 15/20 minute morning hair and makeup look (realtime on a model)
  • Building a solid go-to wardrobe you can build on and feel good about
  • Using brushes and tools to make life easier
  • Figuring out when trends are worthwhile 
  • and some Q & A (so bring those questions google just doesn't seem to understand)

We are looking forward to meeting new people, connecting with old friends and colleagues, and talking all things style and beauty- hope to see you there!





WHEN: MARCH 8th 10-1

OTHER STUFF: We will have breakfast nibbles and coffee as well as some refreshments and light lunch bites so no one gets hangry. Meg from Nutmeg Cake design is bringing delicious treats AND there are awesome giveaways (Pearl earrings?! A Makeup brush set?! Goodie bags! AND MORE!)

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Big thanks to Christy of Papertree Studio for our logo (and for being our live model!), Meg Skills from Nutmeg Cake Design for treating us to something pretty and tasty, and Brittani Elizabeth Photography for taking some snapshots of the event!