The dirty on being a clean artist.

Sanitation. It can set you apart- and it should.

Cleanliness sometimes seems to be one of those things that is almost taboo to talk about in the beauty world. With places like Sephora having open containers to "try" things before buying [please friends, don't. just don't.], and returns of opened packages even if you use them being the norm, its hard to not be desensitized. 

Michele suits Photography

Michele suits Photography

Michele Suits Photography

Michele Suits Photography


As professionals in the field we are habitual about ultra hygenic and sanitary practices, to the standard of the State Board of Pennsylvania plus some. We strive to keep our clients happy and healthy, with good clean hair and makeup. What are the cons may you ask of someone not practicing state regulated sanitation procedures? A lot. Too much to name and even if I did you'd be super upset we talked about it. 

What does the process look like behind the scenes for these cleanliness guidelines may you ask? Here's just a few details:

- Hands are washed and/or sanitized before and after each client and intermidetly during services.

- Makeup and hair brushes are cleaned before and after each client with professional grade antiseptic cleaners. Deep cleans are done daily with soap and water followed by barbicide for hair tools and alchohol for makeup brushes. 

- Makeup is cleaned regularly when applicable with pro grade alchohol. We are also very educated on what products shelf life is and how to use it in the healthiest manner.

-Liquids are never used directly from bottle to skin, there is always an inbetween (like bottle to hand but the brush never dipped back in after use). Liquids are also kept in pump bottles to ensure they are never open to the elements.

-Pencils are sharpened before and after each use, sprayed with alchohol regularly as well. Once a pencil is even slightly dry or over 12 months old, we toss it.

-Masacara is never applied directly from the tube to the client's eyes. We use disposable mascara wands and never double dip.

-Brushes and tools are used for applications so that applicators for any makeup product is never used directly on a client.

These are just a few regular processes each of the ONLO artists take part in. We are always working on giving the highest standard of services for our clients and sanitation is of the utmost importance to us. Let's face it, a happy and healthy makeup application that makes you feel like you can rule the world is like gold... and we loveeee gold.

Inside the onlo studio // bridal trial

Inside the onlo studio // bridal trial